Investigative Case 5: Unveiling the Carboniferous Open Ended Investigation

Evaluating Murals

You have the opportunity to apply what you've learned about the Carboniferous to review two murals of your choice. For this investigation, you will be evaluating two extant murals of the Carboniferous.

  1. Locate two different images of the Carboniferous. You can utilize sources other than the internet such as books, posters, or even existing wall murals. You need to include a good copy of each of the images in your paper. You can take photographs, scan text images, or save electronic files.

    Note: the following link may be helpful for getting started.
            Table of Carboniferous Images

  2. Next, examine each image. Keep in mind what you now know about the Carboniferous as you answer the following questions.

    What are the scientific and artistic strengths of each image?

    What are the scientific and artistic weaknesses of each image?

    How well did they handle the issues related to scale?

    How well do they show the kinds of adaptations for terrestrial life that were outlined in the memo from Pat Kerwinski?

    Which do you think is better as an educational tool?

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