ICBL Casebook

ICBL CasebookBiological Inquiry: A Workbook of Investigative Cases includes ten cases that are designed to accompany Campbell Biology, 9th edition, by Jane Reece et al. These investigative cases provide students with opportunities to actively pose questions, analyze data, think critically, examine the relationship between evidence and conclusions, construct hypotheses, investigate options, graph data, interpret results, communicate scientific arguments, and connect their biological knowledge to the real world.  Each case involves students in grappling with the experimental nature of science and insights into how we know what we know.

Casebook Resources

Investigative Case 1: Picture Perfect

Investigative Case 2: Bean Brew

Investigative Case 3: Donor's Dilemma

Investigative Case 4: Tree Thinking

Investigative Case 5: Unveiling the Carboniferous

Investigative Case 7: Galloper's Gut

Investigative Case 8: Back to the Bay

Investigative Case 9: Pandemic Flu

Investigative Case 10: SHH: Silencing the Hedgehog Pathway










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