Investigative Case 7: Galloper's Gut Open Ended Investigation

Investigation 1. Calculating Feed

Excel spread sheet used in Case 7 , Investigation II, Question3
Use this spreadsheet to calculate daily feed amounts for individual horses by weight, level of activity, and general health status.

Choose five horses using the horse listings below or gather data directly on five horses from other sources.

  1. Provide a summary of your five horses and use the calculator to determine the total feed and pasture.
  2. How much feed and pasture does it require to provide sound care for five horses?

Horse Listings

Arabian quarter horse, hard working stock horse, gelding, 6 years old, 950 lbs.

Morgan horse, active steeplechase champion, mare, 5 years old, 1,180 lbs

Chincoteague pony, wild, leg injury, 4 years old, nonbreeding mare, 720 lbs

Tennessee walking horse, used for light trail rides, 15 years old, 970 lbs

Belgian draft horse, used for heavy farm work, gelding, 9 years old, 2800 lbs.

Clydesdale, pulls wagons in occasional parades, 8 years old, gelding, 1960 lbs

American painted horse, stallion, 10 years old, working ranch horse, 1300 lbs

Andalusian, from old Spanish lines, 7 years old, pregnant, light activity, 1100 lbs.

Appaloosa, competitive rodeo horse, mare, 6 years old, 900 lbs.

Andalusian, American lines, stallion, 4 years old, dressage competitor, 1300 lbs.

"Wild Horses - An American Romance"

Investigation 2. Environmental Effects on Horse Nutrition

Find four examples of pasture problems that would impact horse care. Document each situation and explain what special needs are likely to occur for feeding horses. Cite your sources.


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