Investigative Case 3: Donor's Dilemma

West Nile Virus Problem Space at the BEDROCK Project

You can design your own investigations of WNV using the data sets and tools that are presented in the BEDROCK problem space.

A problem space is a way of organizing diverse kinds of resources to support student inquiry.

Problem Space

The problem space encourages you to use molecular data and web based curricular resources to address biological research questions. In contrast to a more traditional lab approach where you would be asked to follow a highly structured series of procedures to confirm an experimental result, you are asked to develop your own questions by applying your understanding of biological principles, analytical procedures, and the collection and analysis of data.

BEDROCK is a bioinformatics education project sponsored by the National Science Foundation and offers resources and information that you can use for exploring questions of interest to you or your group. Go to

A complete lab investigation "West Nile Virus: Using Nucleotide Data at an Ecological Scale" is available at:

Additional suggested topics and problems for investigation are at:


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