About Extend

Extend™ is a multipurpose simulation application which allows users to build iconic models of systems in any discipline. For example, Extend is used for modeling in science (biology, chemistry, medical), engineering (electronic, mechanical, industrial), and business (operations research, manufacturing, enterprise modeling).

When you build models in this EDM module, you are using a limited version of the Extend simulation program (see References) and a custom library of blocks created by the EDM authors. The EDM authors used the full version of Extend to program blocks (the components of the models), including custom dialog boxes and icons. These blocks are contained in the BioQUEST library you use as you build the models. The BioQUEST library contains both picture-icon type blocks and General System symbol blocks, all of which were created by the authors in Extend.

Since the Extend version which comes with this module is a limited version, you cannot modify the programs in the blocks, and you are limited to models which are 25 blocks or less. The full Extend program allows an unlimited number of blocks in a model. It also has a programming environment for creating custom blocks. In addition, the full Extend program has many features not used in this EDM module such as animation, tabbed dialogs, QuickTime movies, interactive controls, and hierarchy (the ability to encapsulate sections of a model as one block).

Extend can be used at many levels:

Advanced users can modify Extend's blocks, or create new blocks, using external languages such as Visual Basic or using the built-in C-like language, dialog editor, and icon drawing tools found in Extend.

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