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BioQUEST Notes is the newsletter of the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium. The newsletter is available to BioQUEST users and individuals who are interested in a 3P's (Problem Posing, Problem Solving, Peer Persuasion) approach to teaching and learning biology.

We are especially interested in publishing examples of student work that illustrate effective learning through open-ended investigations in biology. Descriptions of how simulations, databases and/or tools have been used to support investigative learning in biology, particularly in introductory and non-majors biology courses, are welcome!

Announcements relevant to BQCC members may be submitted at any time.

Specific supplementary materials that you have developed for integrating a BioQUEST module into your curriculum might include:

  • research problem assignments,
  • ideas for using BioQUEST modules in the lab or the field,
  • material to aid the students when exploring problems,
  • support materials and ideas for introducing students to the content area before solving research problems generated by BioQUEST simulations,
  • ideas and materials used to teach students about the social and historical development of knowledge in the particular content area they are studying,
  • examples of exemplary student work,
  • innovative ways to test and assess student learning,
  • ideas for using BioQUEST materials in large lecture situations,
  • ideas for using BioQUEST simulations when only a small number of computers are available,
  • instructional methods and ideas that enable students to learn science via a 3 P's approach without the use of computers.

Such materials are appropriate for sharing in BioQUEST Notes, a forum for BioQUEST users. Selected submissions may be directed to the formal review and development process of The BioQUEST Library.

All BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium materials are based on sharing, collaboration, and peer review- an innovative approach to the publication of learning materials that maintain the quality of refereed journals while expanding opportunities for the formative development of academic products.

To submit an article to BioQUEST Notes, please contact:

Robin Greenler, Editor of the BioQUEST Notes
BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium
Beloit College 700 College Street Beloit, WI 53511

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