Investigative Case-Based Learning

Margaret A. Waterman
Southeast Missouri State University

Ethel D. Stanley
Beloit College

Initial support for this project was provided by the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium under a Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant. 

Current funding (2000-2002) is provided by the National Science Foundation Grant No. DUE-9952525

Resources for using complex, open-ended problems presented as narrative cases to initiate student centered investigation in biology are provided for your classroom use. Please contact author(s) for permission to include any of the following materials in all publications.

Three cases in multiple parts are presented in Kingdoms Entangled: Molecules, Maize, and Malaria

Maria's Travels

Derrick's Malaise

Zea's Wild Roots


What are Cases?

Investigative Case-Based Learning

Fitting Case Study into Courses

A Sample Case: Fleaing Louisiana

Evaluation: Case-Based Learning and Teaching

References on cases and problem-based learning

Using BioQUEST modules as resources


Notes for Students on Investigative Case-Based Learning