Emory University

Hughes Science Initiative

BioQUEST/ LifeLines OnLineWorkshop

 Ethel Stanley
Beloit College

 Margaret Waterman
Southeast Missouri State

7/10-7/13, 2000


Investigative Case Based Learning Modules by Workshop Participants



 Brief Description
 The Sky is Falling

 Tiffany Davidson

Sharlonne Rollin

Nicohl Shelton
 Students generate maps of ozone concentrations, graph air quality indices, and propose solutions to problems with the ozone and air quality, specifically smog.

 It's Becoming a Small, Small World...

 A. Christian-Vaughn

R. Lawson

A. James
 The unit analyzes the effects of nutrition and medical care as it relates to the reproduction cycle. The students are involved in the Special Education program .

 The Nancy Creek Challenge


S. Carter

S. Mattox

T. McCrary
Students will examine a case study of fish kill in Nancy Creek and identify environmental conditions that favor life in a fresh water ecosystem.

 Money Talk

Warren Goetzel

Malaika Jordan

Will Todd

Carl Zeigler
Students will model investment strategies in order to maximize profits in an effort to secure a scholarship from the Alumni Association. 

 Impact of Deforestation on the Chicken Run Community

C. Fouch

T. Strong 
 Students will design a conservation model that will address the ecological concerns of the community.

 Cell and the City




 Students will model the metro Atlanta infrastructure and relate to cell structure.

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