Table of mitochondrial DNA, 3' end of control region data


The following data from 64 chimpanzees was collected to better understand the similarities and differences between various sup-species and populations. One of the most important aspects of species conservation is maintaining as much genetic diversity as possible. Because chimpanzee’s are a threatened species and their habitat is rapidly being destroyed it is important for scientists to know as much as possible about the genetic relationships between both the wild and captive populations. Developing a conservation strategy will require careful consideration of when chimps should be brought to captive breeding facilities and with whom they should be mated.

Student Research:

As a research group you should identify a small research project that takes advantage of this data and can be used to inform the development of a conservation plan. You will not be able to address the entire plan but instead you should find a small part of the data that you can explore. 

A few suggested projects include:

Determining if this genetic loci is useful for differentiating the 3 subspecies.

Quantify or describe the variation with a group or between groups.

Which is the most diverse?

Which 2 subspecies are most similar?

Look to see if the subspecies vary based on their geographic location.

Are there particular parts of this sequence that vary in sub-species specific ways?

Get the raw data in Fasta form  

Pan troglodytes subspecies Geographical Location Genbank (gb #)
Pt verus  (Tai Forest, Ivory Coast) L35432.1
Pt verus  (Tai Forest, Ivory Coast) L35433.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Ruhara, Burundi) L35434.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Gombe, Tanzania) L35380.1
Pt verus (Mali)  L35406.1
Pt verus  (Mali)  L35407.1
Pt verus  (Mali)  L35408.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Zaire, Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage)  L35409.1
Pt troglodytes  (Gabon, from CIRMF)  L35410.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Gombe National Park, Tanzania)  L35411.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Tongwe Forest, Tanzania)  L35412.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Mahale, Tanzania)  L35413.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Tongwe Forest, Tanzania)  L35414.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Tongwe Forest, Tanzania)  L35415.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Tongwe Forest, Tanzania)  L35416.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Kinyonzo, Zaire)  L35417.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Ruti, Uganda)  L35418.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Mahale, Tanzania)  L35419.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Mahale, Tanzania)  L35420.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Mahale, Tanzania)  L35421.1
Pt schweinfurthii  (Tongwe Forest, Tanzania)  L35422.1
Pt troglodytes  (Lake Telle, Congo)  L35423.1
Pt troglodytes  (Lake Telle, Congo)  L35424.1
Pt troglodytes  (Lake Telle, Congo)  L35425.1
Pt troglodytes  (Lake Telle, Congo)  L35426.1
Pt troglodytes  (Lake Telle, Congo)  L35427.1
Pt troglodytes  (Nyanga, Gabon, from CIRMF) L35428.1
Pt troglodytes