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What's New with the How 3.2 Tutorial

July 6, 2000:
  • Made this copy the online version. Updated all relevant internal links (so things work and make sense). :)
June 7, 2000:
  • Added more text about the Ndjinn searching and use of the Boolean operators.
  • Separated the sections on the main page - "Overview", "Getting into it", and "Taking it to the next level".
  • Didn't even pretend that I would have the Sequence processing, Alignment processing, and Post processing sections written before Boston. On the Importing Sequences page, added a couple of screen shots and explained that the Help documents for the various tools (BLAST, CLUSTALW, etc.) are very good in the Workbench, and that people should look at them.
  • Removed the links to the "Taking it to the next level" section so people don't get confused.
June 5, 2000:
  • Made some changes Ryan suggested for the Session Tools page.
  • Added names to the "Next" navigation buttons just to see how it would look.
  • Re-snagged some images for the Constructing Queries page.
June 1, 2000:
  • Added this What's New page to keep track of changes to the tutorial.
  • Found links to all of the sequence databases in the Workbench (except for the genome databases) and created a page linking from the Ndjinn page. If people need more info, maybe they wouldn't mind clicking a couple of times.
May 31, 2000:
  • Added supporting text about the Biology Workbench itself to the What is... page.
  • Tried to clarify the account setup process, speaking to first-time users and experienced users alike.
  • Cleaned up the differences page for first-time users.
  • Added the comment about needing to scroll down when first entering the Workbench.
  • Pointed out that Session Tools is the place to start. Hopefully less confusing. Tried to give an example of how the Workbench tools are laid out on the overview page.

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