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Session Tools

Each time you use the Biology Workbench, you must either start a new session or resume a previously saved session. Sessions function like folders; you can store the sequences you are interested in here. These sessions are saved on-line so they are available to be used again later. When first entering the Workbench through Session Tools, the Default session will be selected. This is a fully functional session, but if you would like to keep your Workbench sessions separate, we would recommend opening new and separate sessions.

1) Please select "Session Tools" in the Biology Workbench.

2) You will be presented will a list of session options.

Here's a short description of each of the options:

Session Tools


Resume Session

Activates a previously existing session, allowing you access to those sequences

Start New Session

Allows you to create a new session

Copy Session

Creates a new session with all of the stored information of a desired session

Rename Session

Allows you to change the name of a session

Delete Session

Removes a session permanently

Download Session

Saves a copy of the session to your computer

Upload Session

You can restore a session from a saved copy on your computer

Highlight "Start New Session" and then select the "Run" button.

3) Next you will be presented with a text box in which you may describe or name your session.

4) After entering a session description, select "Start New Session".

5) At the top of the screen should see the name/description of the session that you just created. Your work will now be saved and can be accessed again later.

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