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Preparing to enter the Biology Workbench

About the tutorial: This tutorial is designed for version 3.2 of the Biology Workbench, which is the current release. We recommend going through this tutorial with the Biology Workbench open in a second window -- http://workbench.sdsc.edu. Alternatively, we recommend that you print the tutorial and point your browser to the Biology Workbench. Very soon, this and other tutorials will be available in PDF format (for use with the Adobe Acrobat Reader), which facilitates quality printing of documents.

Account Set-Up: If you have never before used the Biology Workbench, you must first register a free account. This merely serves to allocate hard disk space for the sessions that you will run. Please select the "Set-up a free account" link in the Biology Workbench window that you just opened (http://workbench.sdsc.edu/) and follow the instructions. Be assured that the username and password you provide are held in strictest confidence, and you will only be sent e-mail if you require account maintenance. If you have used the Biology Workbench previously, and already have an account (NOTE: If you have not used the Workbench since 3.0, and that is your only account, you will have to reregister for a 3.2 account. Please contact bwhelp@sdsc.edu for help transferring your sessions.), feel free to proceed.

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