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 Biology Student Workbench:
Inquiry Tools for the
Use of Molecular Data in Undergraduate Biology

The Biology Student WorkBench Module

Project collection of teaching and learning resources involving the analysis of molecular sequence and structure data.


NSF Award
Abstract #9950689

This collaborative project between UIUC and BioQUEST at Beloit College focuses on the use of molecular sequence and structure data for teaching and learning biology at the undergraduate level. The project involves:

  • building curricular resources to support student inquiry
  • creating a collaborative community of faculty users
  • modifying existing analysis tools for educational users

The Biology WorkBench is a web-based resource for analyzing and visualizing molecular data developed at NCSA (the National Center for Supercomputing Applications). Undergoing continued development at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, the innovative Biology WorkBench integrates access to many tools within a simple graphical user interface.Database searching is integrated with access to a wide variety of analysis and modeling tools, all within a point and click interface that eliminates file format compatibility problems.


Eric Jakobsson

Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology

National Center for Supercomputing Applications

University of Illinois 217-244-2896

Sam Donovan

BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium

Department of Biology

Beloit College


Please contact us if you:

  • want to learn more about the Biology WorkBench
  • are interested in sharing materials the use of molecular data to address biological questions
  • wish to identify other colleagues who might like to take part in this project


Biology Education
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Educational Enhancements
for the Biology Workbench


Biology WorkBench 3.2

Biology Workbench
Quick Start

This modified interface provides a framework and a subset of tools and databases useful for teaching and learning bioinformatics.

Biology Student Workbench
introductions to the basic concepts
and significance of bioinformatics
  • Biology teachers or faculty:
    bioinformatics exercises for the classroom
  • Students:
    knowledge and training that enables independent explorations in bioinformatics and enriches formal class work
  • Experimental or field biologist:
    an introduction to the use of bioinformatics tools to augment experimental or observational work
  • Senior researcher:
    Resources for introducing laboratory workers to the use of bioinformatics tools


Using Biology Workbench
to Bridge Research
and Educational Agendas

Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology

Department of Education
Illinois State Board of Education

National Science Foundation 

 Past Workshop Highlights

Working with Structure and Function

Using the Internet to Do
Biological Inquiry:

Adventures in Bioinformatics

Beloit College November 11, 2000

Bringing Bioinformatics to Biology Education: A Hands-on Workshop to Develop Labs for Introductory and Advanced Courses

San Diego State University, CA
July 28-30, 2000
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