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The project materials are accessible via the Inquiry Page, which performs two key roles.  First, it helps to build a community of inquiry by involving all those interested in bioinformatics education.  Second, it helps to foster the creation and adaptation of inquiry units for use in courses.

Each inquiry unit starts with a guiding question and provides a space for activities of investigation, creation, discussion, and reflection. Units include: How are different organisms related?  How can we use DNA sequence data to learn about HIV evolution? How do I use the Biology Workbench?  (To review units, please search for "Biology Workbench" units on the Inquiry Unit Search Page.) The Inquiry Page allows teachers and teacher educators (and their students) to create their units using a web-based inquiry unit generator. In addition, if a teacher, student, or teacher educator wants to adapt an existing Biology Workbench unit, he or she can easily do this by using the Inquiry Page’s "spin-off" feature.

Umesh Thakkar used the Biology Student Workbench this Fall in his course titled, "Emerging Technologies" (18 students) The course is designed for undergraduate students who are interested in examining various uses of emerging information technologies as well as identifying and assessing their social impacts.

More information on the course is avaible at (

Course integration is well underway at Beloit College.  During the current (Fall 2001) semester, over one third of the Beloit College Biology courses (which serve educaton students and pre-service teachers) have content and activities directly related to this EdGrid project (sequence analysis, bioinformatics, Biology WorkBench).  The faculty teaching these courses maintain ongoing consultation with project members, Sam Donovan and Kathy Greene.

Course Title (number of students)

Human Biology (51 students)

Introduction to Evolution (13 students)

Microbiology (19 students)

Environmental Biology (20 students)

Genetics (29 students)

Animal Behavior (19 students)

Independent Research in Biology (4 students)

Full list of Fall 2001 Beloit EdGrid courses and course descriptions

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