Collaborations with Hillary Anderson


Description of our workshop in Hillary's methods course at UW-Madison

Bioinformatics Education Workshop (February 26, 2001), University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin.

The workshop focus was to introduce bioinformatics education to student teachers in their secondary science methods course.  The participants  had opportunities to acquaint themseves with current issues associated with bioinformatics, to interpret raw sequence data and data representations, and to design an investigation using Biology WorkBench.  Additionally, the participants discussed teaching and learning issues relevant to each section of the workshop, and completed a related homework assignment.  One member of the class, Hillary Anderson, went on to prepare and teach a bioinformatics-rich HIV unit at Monona Grove High School.  Sam Donovan and Kathy Greene conducted this workshop.

Research notes on UW-Madison science methods work (

Poster describing Hillary's curriculum

A High School Curriculum For Teaching About HIV and AIDS: Promoting Student Research on the Biology Workbench

Online version of the poster

Additional curricular resources and materials

HIV materials prepared and taught by student teacher Hillary Anderson at Monona Grove High School, Monona Grove, Wisconsin, Spring 2001.

1. Description of Intended Student Audience

2. Goals and aims of the nine week course

3. Description of the project assignment with Hillary's comments

4. Description of the project assignment without comments

5. Outline of the nine-week curriculum

6. Additional resources for teachers

7. Daily schedule with assignments

8. An introduction to using the Biology Workbench

9. Research questions and poster assignment

10. Quiz on sequence research interpretation

11. Project assessment criteria

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