April 19          Thursday        Pre Quiz

                                                What we know about HIV:  graffiti

                                                Reading #1:  HIV Overview

                                                HW:  Handout


April 20          Friday             Review reading and homework

                                                Notes on HIV lifecycle

                                                Reading #2:  HIV Lifecycle

                                                HW:  diagram HIV lifecycle based on reading


April 23          Monday          Go over reading and homework

                                                Notes on recent advances in HIV

                                                Reading #3:  Alive and Kicking

                                                HW:  Handout


April 24          Tuesday          Go over reading and homework

                                                Return to graffiti

                                                Review for quiz


April 25          Wednesday     Review



April 27-May 1                      Movie:  And the Band Played On


May 2             Wednesday     Movie



May 3             Thursday        Intro to Biology Workbench in the computer lab


May 4             Friday             Finish Intro to Biology Workbench


May 5             Monday          Begin research project


May 6-10                                Work on research in computer lab


May 11           Friday             Finish research and begin work on posters


May 12           Monday          Finish posters


May 13-14      Tues.-Wed.     Poster presentations