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Exploring Bioinformatics with Insulin
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Linda Grisham
Lesley University

Peter Halbrooks
University of Vermont


Possible Audiences:

pre-service undergrads and in-service teachers  


Brief Overview

This will be a modification of Bioinformatics exercise developed by Bioquest & EdGrid that focused on hemeglobin. Generative Questions: How do different gene mutations lead to different gene products? Are parts of insulin more highly conserved than others? How can insulin sequences be used to study evolution?  


Project Materials

Insulin Readings on genetics, insulin, diabetes, and bioinformatics.  


Resources and References

Bioquest and EdGrid  


Future Directions

Continue selecting suitable DNA sequences to look at mutations, for alignment, and for phylogentic work. Continue selecting suitable insulin variants whose structure is known to look at the conserved areas  



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