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Illustrating Conserved Residues on 3D Molecules: Lactoferrins
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Lisa Lambert
Chatham College

Holly Perri
Chatham College


Possible Audiences:

Genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics classes  


Brief Overview

We were interested in knowing which amino acids are conserved in lactoferrins but NOT in other mammalian serum proteins. We did sequence alignments of the serum and lactoferrins, compared them, then used Protein Explorer and Paint to illustrate our results. Highlighted are some of the residues conserved in all eight lactoferrins but showing variability in the analogous serum transferrin sites. A protocol is included  


Project Materials

Sequences from Transferrin website  


Resources and References

Biology Workbench; Protein Explorer; Transferrin web site  


Future Directions

Compare other conserved sequences between transferrin paralogs.  



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