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The Group Project
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This is an opportunity for you to explore (in depth) a project of interest to your working group. Your project will be presented Friday afternoon to the whole group via powerpoint. It should include some background information, a discussion of the questions you are looking at, the techniques you have chosen to use, your results, and your conclusions.






Biology Workbench (

GeneDoc (locally installed)

SwissPDB Viewer (locally installed)

NCBI ( for sequences and PUBMED

SwiisProt (

If network access is interrupted, please use the locally installed versions of Phylip and ClustalX in place of Biology Workbench


Potential Investigations

  • Any investigation from a previous lab (HIV, One Cell or Transferrin)
  • A project of interest to your working group
  • Projects from Jim:
    • What are the complete CDNA sequences for beta-glycosidases in rice?
    • How are these families related to each other and to others in the database?
    • What are the expression patterns of these genes?
    • Are the expression patterns for any other pair of genes similar


  • Identify definable questions that can be approached using phylogenetics
  • Find the data & use the tools provided to explore these questions
  • Share your experiments and insights with the group
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of this exercise

Project Submission Form
Word doc (20kb)