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Workshop Announcement

Regional Differentiation in Chimpanzee Mitochondrial DNA Control Region
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Jennifer Inlow
Indiana State University

Larry Merkle
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Barry Muhoberac
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis


Possible Audiences:

Other BioQuest Workshop Participants  


Brief Overview:

Sequence data provided by Morin, et al. was used to study regional differentiation in chimpanzee mitochondrial DNA. Independent sets of comparisons confirmed that sequence data is geographically correlated.  


Project Materials:

Sequences from each of three geographical regions (centered to include either Mali, Ivory Coast, and Tanzania-- see attached map) were compared using CLUSTALW on the SDSC Biology Workbench. Sequences within each region exhibited substantial similarity and occasional identity, but were significantly different from the sequences from the other two regions. Next, an ultimetric phylogenetic tree was generated using CLUSTALW on the European Bioinformatics Institute website (see attached). Three groups of 10-11 sequences each were chosen such that the genetic distance within each group was minimized, and the distance between groups was maximized. Locations associated with each sequences were compared and determined to be geographically clustered by group.  


Resources and References:

P.A. Morin, J.J. Moore, R. Chakraborty, L. Jin, J. Goodall, D.S. Woodruff, "Kin Selection, Social Structure, Gene Flow, and the Evolution of Chimpanzees", Science, Aug 26, 1994, Vol. 265, p. 1193.
Biology WorkBench on the SDSC website.
CLUSTALW applet on the European Bioinformatics Institute website.  


Future Directions:

Determine whether geographical distance could be correlated with dissimilarity in sequences.  



- rooted_tree.doc
- Africa_map.doc
- Bacterial_Resistance.ppt
- mads_problem_space.ppt