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Implementation / Incorporating Bioinformatics
Tools into an Existing Course
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Stephanie Tatem Murphy
University of California, Davis
Cindy Passmore
University of California, Davis
Martin Risk
Mission College

Possible Audiences:

In-service teachers (Highschool and Community College)


Brief Overview

Workshop participants / Teachers have learned about bioinfformatics tools and techniques but struggle to implement instruction that utilizes those tools.

  1. Decide on content or learning goal (ex: HIV data set, kingdoms, 3 origin of life soup experiments)
  2. Define problem space for questions to be posed by students
  3. Teacher establish the outcome questions or think through possible questions so can support students work

Project Materials

existing curricula and data sets



Resources and References

LifeLlines OnLine of BioQUEST, specifically the K W L charts used in participant cases; or one available at


Future Directions

Stephanie: January mid-month NSF sponsored Curricula Day
Martin: next semester chemistry class
Cindy: In-service teacher workshop