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More info on the "problem space" as a concept.

HIV Problem Solving Space

Session #1 Exploring HIV change within and between patients

This is a sort of portal to resources for doing bioinformatics with HIV sequences. At this point most of the materials revolve around the analysis of a large dataset that looks at differences in HIV evolution within and between patients. Look at the information below and follow the links to see a wide variety of information that could be used by faculty and students to learn more about bioinformatics.

The issue is how to share resources and yet leave space for input from others.

How to get started (4 suggestions):

  1. Get more information on the HIV problem space
  2. View some teaching materials that are shared here
  3. Read on in this page to see what types of resources are available
    Jump to: Research Questions, Tools, Datasets, Classroom Activities, Other Curricular Materials, Related Research Links
  4. See a complete list of the materials in the HIV problem space

How to contribute (5 opportunities):

  1. Get more information on collaborating with BEDROCK
  2. Send comments on what you find here
  3. Suggest some additional resources to include in this Problem Space
  4. Share materials you have developed
  5. Contact others who are interested in this dataspace

HIV Problem Space Resources

  • Research Questions
  • Tools
  • Datasets
  • Classroom Activities
  • Other Curricular Materials
  • Related Research Links
  • Student Work - maybe only available from curricular materials

This alleviates the need for a common interface and consistency between resources within a problem space. The materials will be databased but in a very simple fashion that will require lots of hand annotation but it will get us started and show some progress. The database will be useful not only for internal record keeping but for displaying basic information about resources and displaying them in several formats. Still big questions about how to incorporate other folks stuff and suggest links between resources.

Caution: You can save bookmarks to specific things, but many of the particular addresses will be changing as we reorganize our web site. If you have difficulty finding a particular address please remember to check back here for an updated link. If you find a broken link within our pages please let us know. All you need to do is send the URL that didn't work and we will check it out. Thanks.

What to do with URL's and Bibliographies:
One way would be to go with something like dmoz or the bibliography thing that Chip had. Alternatively we could just have a master links and bibliography page for the problem space. Issues include when you want to include it in several problem spaces and when folks just want to find certain ones. Really need to be databased to do it right.

Formats for data files
HIV data resources
HIV evolution
HIV biology
Useful links
HIV intro

HIV dentist case???