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Bio-Medical Informatics - From the Computer Programmer's Perspective
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Harold Mitchell
Morehouse College


Possible Audiences:

Beginning programming students; students with some understanding of biology in particular T-Cells, HIV, and AIDS. This deliverable for this assignment suggests implementation in C++; however, a Java implementation could work as well (depending on the programming language being used for a given course).  


Brief Overview:

This project is actually a programming assignment. The executable file is to be named The primary programming concepts emphasized are control structures (e.g. looping, selection), file input and output (formatting). The bio-medical problem being addressed is determining the per-visit condition of patients with HIV (i.e. determining whether or not the patient condition is improving or getting worse based on his/her cd4 count). It is assumed that the user of the information (output from the program) is a healthcare professional.  


Project Materials:

The assignment is included.  


Resources and References:

Any beginning programming book. The programming constructs (if-then-else, while loop, file input/output) are the same across language (i.e. that is every language supports these features); however the implementation is unique to a particular programming language (e.g. C++, Java, Perl, C#, etc.)  


Future Directions:

Future implementations may include analysis and comparisons of nucleotide and protein sequences; thus studying the common ancestor problem. The programming emphasis would be manipulating data structures.  



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