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Think Globally, find case studies locally
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Robert Benda
Prince William Sound Community College

JoAnn Benda
Prince William Sound Community College

Amy Doetsch
College of Southern Idaho

Christian Trefftz
Grand Valley State University


Possible Audiences:

High school Undergraduate Courses General biology Microbiology Environmental Molecular Biology Computer Science Algorithms  


Brief Overview:

We want to provide our students with materials that will encourage active learning. It seems reasonable to look for material that has local flavor, as this may increase their interest. Yet, eventually, we want to be able to use material from colleagues in other places, which will give our students the chance to learn about people in other places.  


Project Materials:

Biology Workbench Mesquite Swiss Prot Data Bank Gen Bank  


Resources and References:

Bioluminescent Bacteria General information on marine bioluminescent bacteria Isolation of Marine Bioluminescent Bacteria Isolation of pure cultures of bioluminescent bacteria Grizzly Bear Conservation Biology & Genetics Genetic Analysis of Grey Wolves in Yellowstone National Park Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument NOAA Tech Memo NMFS NWFSC-30: Genetic Effects of Straying of Non-Native Hatchery Fish into Natural Populations GENETIC POPULATION STRUCTURE Nils Ryman Division of Population Genetics Stockholm University S-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden Available at: Genomic diversity and good genes in brown trout Lars Forsberg | +46 8 608 47 34 | Send E-mail | Visit my site Genomic diversity using AFLP Available at:  


Future Directions:

Other possible cases: Compare with other bioluminescent organisms Sequence of HIV patients in Puerto Rico Foodborne pathogens Wild life sutdies Fossil Data Brown Trout in West Michigan  



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