John R. Jungck (Editor of the BioQUEST Library) and Patti Soderberg (Editor of BQ Notes and past Project Director of the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium), both at Beloit College, collaborated with us on the early versions of this case. We wish to recognize their wonderfully extended conversations with us in the development of this case. Both Patti and John also provided reference materials which greatly contributed to the breadth of the case.

Micah Stanley, an undergraduate at Arizona State University, provided several sketches used in the case. His patience at sketching a rather battered ear of teosinte no less than four times is much appreciated!

Virginia Vaughan (Managing Editor of the BQ Library) and Deb Lynch (Project Assistant of the BQCC) were delightful companions as well as excellent critics at our recent NABT presentation in Minneapolis. Thanks to Angela DeMarco, an undergraduate at Lincoln Land Community College, as well for her smiling assistance during that hectic trip.

We would like to thank the numerous biology educators who have participated in our workshops over the past several years. Their very practical ideas, criticisms, and encouragement are much appreciated. In additon, there are several individuals and organizations who have our sincere gratitude for their contributions to this project, including, but not limited to:

Shelly Peretz, Thornridge High School
Edith Beard-Brady, Saunders College Publishing
Mary Polacco, Curator for Maize DB
ACUBE (Association of College and University Biology Educators- formerly AMCBT)
NABT (National Association of Biology Teachers)
CELS (Coalition for Education in the Life Sciences)
BQCC (BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium)
Beloit College
Southeast Missouri State University
Harvard Medical School
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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