IUBS General Assembly 2007

Education for Sustainability

3:00 PM

Towards a New Generation of Naturalist Citizens:
INBio’s Bioliteracy Program


The National Biodiversity of Costa Rica, INBio, has established a bioliteracy program that aims at developing a new level of awareness about the value of biodiversity in all Costa Rican citizens.

Bioliteracy is “a process that departs from a vivid learning that lasts a lifetime and allows a person to value biodiversity, to adopt an ethic of respect for and to assume his/her responsibility in the management and conservation of all living organisms and their ecosystems. Only this way, behavioral changes that favor a harmonious relationship with nature and a human sustainable development will be achieved.”

In this talk, we illustrate how INBio is developing some innovative educational tools to support Costa Rica’s national biodiversity conservation and sustainable development efforts.