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Cardiovascular Construction Kit

Sarah Douglas and Daniel Udovic (University of Oregon), and
Nils S. Peterson (Washington State University)
Screen Shots | System Requirements

The Cardiovascular Construction Kit allows you, the user, to design and construct a wide range of cardiovascular systems, testing each one to see how it behaves and whether it could actually exist and survive in a real organism. The Kit provides you with a set of basic components, e.g., pumps, vessels, capillaries and so on, which you may piece together to construct a cardiovascular system you are interested in exploring. Gauges and measurement techniques are provided so you can draw conclusions from your experiments. To construct cardiovascular systems with CVCK, select components from the menu bars, drag them onto the main screen, and connect them together by making them touch.

CVCK makes it possible to construct experiments as well as systems. Such experiments allow comparisons of the performance of systems with different configurations or characteristics. One constructs experiments by deciding what aspects of performance need to be measured and by hooking up gauges at appropriate places.

Gauges that can measure variables like pressure and blood flow can be connected to the components, and the values that are read from these gauges can be displayed inthe form of a graph. Parameters such as the diameter of blood vessels, and the rate at which the heart beats, can be changed. The effect of making such changes on the system can be observed by comparing two systems. For example, you can see how blood flow will change if the organism has wider blood vessels. Comparisons such as this are not possible in a wet lab.


Screen Shots

The CVCK workspace following a run.


System Requirements


  • System 6.05 or later; CVCK does not run well under System 7 and won't run at all on Power Macintoshes or if 32 bit addressing is turned on. If possible, use System 6.07. If you must use System 7, please see the CVCK ReadMe for useful suggestions.
  • At least 2.5MB of available RAM; 3.5 MB recommended.

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