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Frank Price (Hamilton College), and Virginia Vaughan (BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium)
Screen Shots | System Requirements

Evolve is a computer program that allows you to experimentally model evolution and to get quick results that are impossible to do in any other way. You may control the starting population size, overall population size, intensity of natural selection, pattern of inheritance, and proportion of migration in a hypothetical population. By experimenting with Evolve you will develop:

  • a better understanding of evolutionary processes and their interactions,
  • the ability to differentiate between the effects of fecundity and survival in natural selection,
  • a firmer grasp of some important concepts of Mendelian genetics,
  • a greater understanding of experimental design, and
  • a greater understanding of the use of models.

Screen Shots

The Problem Summary Window.

The Problem Summary Window allows you to run and stop experiments, and display their results. The display area shows a graph of Allele Frequencies and Heterozygote Frequency vs Time. The data table, which can be enlarged, shows numeric summaries of each generation. Clicking on the "Change Params" button displays a window (shown below) that allows you to enter and modify the parameters that control a trial.

The Change Parameters window.

Evolve provides abundant opportunities to practice posing questions about evolution and to try various strategies to answer those questions. It also provides data and graphs that help explore questions as well as help persuade others of the value of your generated hypotheses.


System Requirements

Macintosh or Power Macintosh

  • System 6.07 or later; System 7.1 or later for Power Macintosh.
  • At least 800K of available RAM, more for complex simulations or models.

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