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Whatís New in Volume V

The BioQUEST Collection Folder

Biota 1.3 a5 - Added two menu items to the Species menu:
Summarize Species - contains descriptions of all the options that are active in the selected species as well as the values of all active numerical parameters.

Data Collection and Organization - The complete dataset from the paper by Hermon Bumpus is now available as separate data files, in three different formats (JUMP, Excel, and text).

Demography 4.1 - New Version includes:
Immigration/Emigration - allows the use of immigration into the population, and emigration out of the population.
Density-Dependent Model - includes a density-dependent model of growth. Individuals in the population are assumed to be competing for a single, potentially limiting resource.
New Activities - a new set of activities, called "Exploring Demography."

Collection Candidates

MacRetina - Upgraded to Collection Candidate folder from First Review folder.

The First Review Folder

New Modules

Interactive Calculus Problems in Biology
Investigative Cases and Case-Based Learning in Biology

New Versions or New Features

DNA Electrophoresis - New Version
Resource Manual with case studies requiring DNA analysis in areas such as human genetics, forensics, infectious disease, and ecology.
Animated tutorials demonstrating program features.
Plus additional new features.

Epidemiology - New Version
Added ability to model infectious diseases that are transmitted by vectors (e.g., mosquitoes, fleas), or that affect other populations (reservoir populations) besides the host (e.g., rats, monkeys).

Metabolic Pathways - Now available for both the Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

SimBio2 - Added new simulation:
EarthSys - A Minimodel of Earth Metabolic Processes
EarthSys is a whole earth (Biosphere 1) simulation similar to SimBio2.

Wading Bird - A detailed userís manual is now available on the Library CD.

Support Materials

New Module
Dendrogrammaceae - a dataset of imaginary plants.

Oh Phlox! - Includes expanded user guide with rulers and a reference article.

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