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Subscription Information

The BioQUEST Library is distributed annually on a CD-ROM and is furnished under a license agreement. Individual user licenses and annual, renewable site licenses are available.

Site license gives the license holder the right to use the software on multiple computers or networks, including in a laboratory or workshop, within the scope of the license agreement. Site licenses must be renewed annually.

Individual license gives an individual license holder the right to use the software and manuals in The BioQUEST Library on a single computer, including use as a lecture or demonstration aid, but excluding use in any multiple user setting, such as laboratories and workshops.

For information on purchasing a subscription to The BioQUEST Library or to purchase printed copies of all manuals, please contact:

Ms. Carla Daves
Sales and Marketing Manager
Academic Press
1300 Boylston Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02167

BioQUEST@beloit.edu || http://bioquest.org