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SimBio2 -
Simulating Biosphere 2

Elisabeth C. Odum (Santa Fe Community College), and H. T. Odum (University of Florida - Gainesville)
Screen Shots | What's New | System Requirements

SimBio2 is a simulation of Biosphere 2, the huge glass chamber constructed in Arizona to enable scientists to study the ecology of the earth (Biosphere 1). From 1991 until 1993 this nearly closed system supported people, plants, and animals. Experiments offered the opportunity for tracking in great detail the interactions among land and water ecosystems and the atmosphere.

SimBio2 offers several scenarios in which students can generate simulation graphs using actual data from the Biosphere 2 experiment. Students can explore some of the problems that affected Biosphere 2 such as higher levels of carbon dioxide than expected and the resulting decrease oxygen. Students can also create their own models and experiment with alternative strategies.


Screen Shots

Graph of the Biosphere 2 experiment using Scenario No.1. The graph is run out to 4 years to show what would have happened, although the first experiment ended after 2 years (Day 557).


What's New?

EarthSys - A Minimodel of Earth Metabolic Processes

EarthSys is a whole-earth (Biosphere 1) simulation similar to SimBio2. This minimodel of earth’s metabolism in the thin outer geobiosphere includes photosynthetic production, input of fossil fuels, and consumption by nature and the human urban civilization. Users can explore carbon dioxide accumulation, global warming, the impact of the increasing use of fossil fuels, and the role of the ocean carbonate sink.

Simulation run of the EarthSys model with fossil fuel connected to consumption by civilization.


System Requirements

Macintosh or Power Macintosh

  • System 7 or later. System 7.5 recommended.
  • At least 8 megabytes of RAM.
  • 68020 processor or greater (will not run on 68000 computers like MacPlus or SE).

Windows 3.1, Windows 95, or Windows NT

  • Windows 3.1 or later and DOS 5.0 or later (and Win32s 1.25 if using Windows 3.1), or Windows 95, or Windows NT 3.5 or later.
  • 80486, Pentium, or Pentium Pro.
  • At least 8 megabytes of RAM.

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