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The First Review Folder

The modules in the First Review Folder, which include seven new modules for Volume V, are in the second stage of the review process. These modules have passed a preliminary review by the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium staff and are presented here for classroom testing and evaluation.

Fieldtesting Materials in the First Review Folder

One of the goals of the Library review process is to provide links between developers and potential users during the development process. To this end, each member of the BioQUEST community is encouraged to become part of the development and review process by examining and commenting on newly submitted projects or by becoming a fieldtester for a specific module.

We are currently seeking fieldtesters for the modules in the First Review Folder section of The BioQUEST Library.

Each fieldtester of The BioQUEST Library agrees to conduct in-depth trials of a particular module in their courses and to provide BioQUEST with extensive feedback and evaluation of the module at the end of the fieldtest period. Fieldtesters who do not already have a site license may purchase a fieldtester’s license for the price of an individual license. The fieldtesters license allows them to use the Library with their students on multiple computers for a period of 1 year. Upon receipt of the fieldtest report, fieldtesters will be given the opportunity to purchase a regular site license for their institution or department at a 50% reduction from the normal site license fee.

If you ar interested in becoming a BioQUEST fieldtester, please contact us at the address below or visit our web site at http://bioquest.org.

Virginia Vaughan
Managing Editor, The BioQUEST Library

BioQUEST@beloit.edu || http://bioquest.org