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Winter Twig Key

Ethel D. Stanley (Millikin University),
Joseph Armstrong (Illinois State University), and
Dent Rhodes (Illinois State University)
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If you wish to identify unknown trees that are leafless in winter or want to familiarize yourself with features found in winter twigs, this interactive visual key should help. Modified from a dichotomous key to deciduous trees written by E. Lucy Braun, Winter Twig Key combines updated twig illustrations with hypertext.

Side by side images of twigs are presented on each page with contrasting features emphasized by text and field marks. Choose the image that has the general feature most like the twig you are trying to identify. Click on the image to display a new page with choices until an identification is reached. (Trees may be identified to genus with common names provided for many trees native to Illinois. )

At the top of each page, the previous descriptive feature chosen is restated to make rechecking easier if neither of the new features seem to fit your twig. A Back button allows you to retrace your steps if you wish to examine prior choices. Hypertext definitions are available for terms that you may be unfamiliar with or that are unclear even with an illustration. A brief tutorial on twig features is also available.

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System Requirements

  • Any system that supports Windows 3.0 or later.

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