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Taxonomic Features Data Manager

Nils S. Peterson (Washington State University)
Screen Shots | System Requirements

The Taxonomic Features Data Manager is designed to store and edit a database of characters and states for a group of operational taxonomic units (OTUs) and to export data about selected operational taxonomic units to MacClade 2.1 (found in the Support Materials folder in the Freeware/Shareware folder) for cladistic analysis.

Screen Shots

The Characters and States screen lists the characters and their associated list of states. It is used for editing and creating both characters and states.

System Requirements

Macintosh and Power Macintosh

  • System 6.07 or later; System 7.1 or later for Power Macintosh.
  • At least 1MB of available RAM.

There are two versions of the Taxonomic Features Data Manager module:

  • The "Taxonomic Features Data Manager" is a HyperCard stack that requires the HyperCard 2.2 application to run. It will not run properly if started from the CD because it will attempt to start from the HyperCard Player 2.1 application. For best results, copy the entire application folder to a hard drive with access to the HyperCard 2.2 application.
  • The "Taxonomic Features DM App" file is a HyperCard stand-alone application and does not require either Hypercard or the HyperCard Player.

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