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A Trip to a Forest

Ray Russo (Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis)
Screen Shots | System Requirements

A Trip to a Forest is a simulation laboratory with accompanying tool set for quantitative exploration of an Eastern deciduous forest. The figure below shows an aerial view of one section of the forest, with a tool palette in the upper left. A transect has been drawn and two marker flags placed, one marking the start of the transect and one marking the center of a quadrat. The tape measure has been used to measure the distance between the two flags. Individual trees can also be selected, identified, and measured, using the borer tool, the caliper, and an identification key.


Screen Shots

System Requirements

Macintosh and Power Macintosh

  • System 6.07 or later; System 7.1 or later for Power Macintosh.
  • At least 4MB of RAM.
  • HyperCard Player 2.1 (found in the Support Materials folder)

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