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Fractal Dimension

Center for Polymer Studies (Boston University)
Screen Shots | System Requirements

Fractal Dimension is a tool for analyzing the fractal dimensions of objects, including scanned-in images of real-world objects. Fractal Dimension operates on images which may be obtained from PICT or MacPaint files, or from the built-in sample images included in the application. Images can be measured by the box or the circle method. You can do either or both methods any number of times, using different measurement sizes. You can measure the perimeter of an object or measure the fractal dimension of the perimeter. The results of accumulated measurements can be displayed in tabular form in the data window or graphed in the graph window.


Screen Shots

In the figure above, the fractal dimension of the perimeter of a sample image of a neuron has been measured using the "Count FD for perimeter" button on the toolbar.

In the figure above, the perimeter data are displayed in tabular form in the Data window and graphed in the Graph window.


System Requirements

Macintosh or Power Macintosh

  • System 6.07 or later; System 7.1 or later for PowerMacintosh.
  • At least 800K of available RAM.

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